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Using CBD Hemp Extract for Treating Epilepsy

There have been many studies and successful cases on using CBD hemp extract for treating epilepsy, yet, many people are still confused on what hemp extracted CBD is. There is also confusion as to whether CBD has a psychoactive effect (chemical feeling that makes you ‘high’) or not. As far as studies show, it is impossible to get a psychoactive effect from CBD hemp extract but we will get more into that and CBD extract. When trying to understand how to treat epilepsy with CBD hemp extract, you must first, understand the difference between CBD and CBD hemp and how they are extracted.


What is CBD Hemp Extract?


CBD stands for cannabidiol— a non-psychoactive, natural compound found in the marijuana or hemp plant. There are many compounds to be found in both cannabis plants, but CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most common. Hemp is a fibrous, cannabis plant that is filled with tons of cannabidiol and trace amounts of THC. Though you can extract CBD from medical marijuana, industrial hemp plants grow faster and have larger amounts of CBD, which result in more extracts. CBD hemp extract has become very popular in the cannabis industry and can be very helpful as a treatment in many cases. Patients that are not wanting any intoxicating effects will normally lean towards CBD hemp oil products.

There are few differences between CBD extract and CBD hemp extract:

CBD Extract

  • Derived from medical marijuana
  • Contains high-CBD/low-THC
  • Little to no psychoactive effect

CBD Hemp Extract

  • Derived from industrial hemp
  • Contains only CBD
  • No psychoactive effect


CBD Extraction from Hemp


CBD extraction from hemp is made from the flowers, leaves and stalks of hemp and NOT from its seeds like hemp oil. The reason for understanding this is important because hemp seed extract is not the same as CBD extract. Hemp seed extract contains low levels of CBD and is mainly used as a moisturizer and is the same hemp that can be substituted for petroleum. When extracting CBD, there are many methods to be used and the most common method is solvent based. There are three types of solvents to use when extracting CBD from medical marijuana or hemp—CO2, oil, and liquid. The process of extracting CBD is often time consuming, much more complex, and involves professional equipment that separate the THC from CBD. If you want to start extracting your own hemp plants it is important to make sure they have less than 0.3% THC. Oils are easy to extract, however, you can create your own balms, topicals, tinctures and even use oils in your food.


Studies & Cases on CBD Hemp Extract and Epilepsy


Cannabidiol is mainly known as an instant muscle relaxer, this has a huge effect in treating seizures—especially in young children—thanks to its non-psychoactive properties. There are many cases where children who suffer from seizures and epilepsy have had drastic positive effects after consumption. Charlotte Figi is a great example, at the age of five she was suffering from nearly 300 grand mal seizures weekly for years! Her father had decided to look to alternatives and discovered videos online that showed other parents proving results. Later, her parents went to a dispensary and purchased a strain of high-CBD/low-THC and had a friend help them extract the oil. Charlotte’s seizures went down to once a week after taking just one dose! There is now a CBD plant dedicated to Charlotte called Charlotte’s Web to help those in need!

Now, not everyone’s story is the same and that is because not all CBD extracts are created the same. This is a common reason for why doctors and patients are leaning towards CBD hemp extracts and its healthier method. Looking at the chart above, you will notice differences in the effects on how CBD may stop seizures and how they differentiate case by case. Majority of these patients had an 80% change in seizure frequency which is a huge difference in pain level and controllability. Some wonder why the other cases did not change as drastically and studies are showing it leads to the method of CBD hemp extraction. With clinical research proving the remarkable effects of CBD hemp oil on epilepsy and seizures it is also proving to reach groundbreaking results for the future of these diseases. CBD hemp extracts help patients to alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy. They also help patients with seizures in terms of the intensity and frequency which is a big part of relieving pain during an episode. The main reason for CBD hemp oils taking the nation by storm is the fact that they have negative side effects and are biocompatible.

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