Sarah uses Farmacy Bliss hemp extract softgels to help her deal with and alleviate anxiety and panic attacks.


Jo Standing is an Author, Speaker, classroom facilitator, a spiritual warrior and Certified Professional Coach. Jo uses CBD to balance out her energy throughout the day and to help her connect with her body's sensations during yoga and meditation.


Alena used Farmacy Bliss hemp extract softgels to help her deal with pain during a kidney infection and to help her sleep well throughout that time. Alena continues to use the softgels for general wellbeing and sleep aid.


Nina's grandmother has been using Farmacy Bliss hemp extract softgels to mitigate symptoms of dementia and to help her sleep. They've helped her calm down from the racing thoughts she used to have from memory loss.

I will tell you that as a Military Veteran diagnosed with PTSD and Cancer Survivor, I wish I had the opportunity to use this type of product in my healing process a long time ago.  The fact that there are no adverse side effects and it’s an excellent anxiety reliever is great. I had the first relaxing holiday with friends and family for the first time in about 3 years! 

Carole, a military veteran and a cancer survivor.

I’ve had a hiatal hernia since I was 12 years old, which caused severe muscle spasms up to a point when I had trouble breathing normally. Discovering these softgels was a miracle! They literally almost entirely relieved my muscle spasms and acid reflux, and now I can read bedtime stories to my son without pausing to take a breath.

– Gili, an entrepreneur and a father of three.

Quite simply, CBD helps me deal with my type 2 diabetes, which I’ve had since I was 16. I take these soft gels throughout the day and it keeps my body in balance and my mind free of anxiety, something that I’ve been battling my entire life.

– Greg, a professional media producer and a father of four.