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Farmacy Bliss is Adding Some “Muscle” for Our Bay Area Customers

We are pleased to announce that our full spectrum, high-potency, medicinal-grade CBD softgels are now available at Max Muscle Nutrition in Walnut Creek.

We are extremely excited about this synergy with Max Muscle and are looking forward to becoming a valuable resource not only for athletes, but also for East Bay residents who are interested in optimal wellness.

Because CBD is known for reducing pain and inflammation, it’s a natural choice for relieving sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons. At the same time, because it targets – and enhances – the body’s important endocannabinoid system, CBD is also a highly prized supplement adding to overall wellness.

With the growth of awareness about – and demand for – CBD, we are pleased that nutrition stores are beginning to carry a growing number of CBD brands, including newer producers of meticulously formulated small-batch CBD products like our Farmacy Bliss softgels.

Please stop by Max Muscle when you’re in Walnut Creek and say hello to Kenny and the staff. You’ll find they’re a wealth of information about fitness, nutrition, nutraceuticals, and overall health and can give you some terrific recommendations based on your wellness needs.

 If we’re not on the shelves at your own nutrition or wellness store, please let the manager know you’d love to have the convenience of being able to buy Farmacy Bliss products there! And, as always, we’re here for you online!

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