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Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is much touted as a treatment for a variety of ailments and conditions. Are these all true? What do scientists and researchers think about the effectiveness of CBD? Does CBD oil lower blood pressure? We will explore all of these questions in this article. CBD has emerged as one of the most effective…

how do you use CBD oil post by Farmacy Bliss
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How do you use CBD oil?

The complete guide for properly using CBD oil so you feel your best. CBD use has exploded over the past couple of years due in part to the legalization of hemp in the Farm Bill of 2018. And as such, many people are wondering what CBD is, what effects it has, as well how they…

how much cbd should you take and cbd dosage guide by Farmacy Bliss
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How much CBD should you take?

The complete guide to CBD dosage. One of the most asked questions around CBD usage is how much CBD should you take to feel the full effects without any of the side effects. CBD can be somewhat confusing, especially since it’s so new and can have a different effect depending on each end user.  To…

how long does CBD stay in your system post by Farmacy Bliss
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How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

The ultimate guide to understanding how CBD affects your body. It’s no surprise that CBD is all the rage in different health circles. It’s a new and refreshing way to take the edge off and relax. But seasoned CBD users and new users alike still have many questions about CBD, especially those who need to…

what are the effects CBD has on your body post by Farmacy Bliss
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What are the effects CBD has on your body?

The complete guide for knowing what CBD does to your body. It’s sort of tricky to gauge the effects CBD has because it varies from person to person. Not only is everybody different, but different medications you take could also impact how CBD responds to your body. This makes it difficult for CBD newbies to…

what is cbd post by Farmacy Bliss
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What is CBD? The Complete Guide to CBD

Learn why this popular plant is taking the world by storm and if you would benefit from taking CBD.  CBD has taken the world by storm over the past couple of years with the legalization of the hemp plant with the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD went from being relatively unknown to appearing everywhere due to…

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CBD Oils for Anxiety Management

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent behavioural and emotional issues these days. According to a report by the World Health Organization, around 264 million people in the world suffer from anxiety disorders. Finding ways for anxiety management has been a topic of research for scientists across the globe for many years.  Scientists, after years…

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