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The Farmacy Bliss difference

Our CBD oil is carefully processed to preserve and optimize natural cannabinoids & terpenes found in the hemp plant.
Our CBD oil is extracted from organically grown, cannabinoid-rich, hemp plants, harvested on pristine soil in USA.
Our products are 100% free of metals, additives, solvents, and pesticides. It’s pure, potent CBD for powerful relief.
Our products are carefully tested at each stage of the supply chain, from harvesting, to extraction, to final formulation.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Sale

Keeping in mind your health and wellbeing, our full spectrum CBD oil is not only carefully developed to ensure therapeutic effects, we take care in selecting what CBD products we offer, from our full spectrum CBD oil vapes to capsules and drops, and from our boxes to samplers.

We value natural processes, which is why we sell organic CBD from hemp that is free of all the things mother nature did not intend, such as pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals to name a few.

In valuing nature and wellbeing, we know that in order to get full spectrum CBD benefits that it is only natural that some of our customers will feel more aligned with consuming their CBD by drop, vape, or capsules.

It’s important to us to offer to you our CBD oil in a form that is best suited for you. By enhancing your overall experience with our natural CBD formula, we will be that much closer to bringing you relief from pain and help to reduce your stress and inflammation. We don’t want you to endure what doesn’t feel natural to reap the rewards of cannabinoids on your endocannabinoid system. If capsules and vapes are not for you, we have drops. We want you to do what’s best for your peace of mind when it comes to selecting which product to take.

If you are new to CBD oil and are unsure which usage method is best for you, we offer boxes and samples of our products to help you find what naturally works best for you. In order products, we offer a few rewards, such as our “cash back” program, 10% off coupon for referrals, and military and disability discounts. In addition to crafting and selling lab-tested full spectrum CBD oil to ensure your quality experience, we offer rewards to let you know we appreciate you.

Customer Journeys

“The CBD softgels are a nice, relaxing dose and are great for night time because it helps with a good rest and also helps with aches and pains.”

“CBD oil helps me focus on the important things that I’m doing, and still be the same busy mother. It’s very convenient, whenever I need it on the go.” - Alex (aka Mad Mama NYC)

“CBD works in conjunction with my daily yoga practices and slows down my mind and my body enough that I may initiate a positive change.” - Jo (author, professional coach)

“I had some surgeries and was looking for a way to manage my pain and inflammation, and Farmacy Bliss was my go-to CBD treatment.” - Daniel of Moon & Jai

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